10 Crucial Moving Ideas to Prepare For a Quick Household Move!

Is there an upcoming relocation plan on your mind? Are you planning for a quick house move, from your present residence at Kolkata to your newly purchased property in Mumbai? Then you must hire packers and movers in Kolkata, on time to ensure your numerous packing tasks are dealt with, quickly and conveniently.

We are sure that you will not mind reviewing the relocation tips and tricks we are going to discuss below. They are super simple, easy to follow, and share as well. So, do check them out if in case you are all set for an upcoming move and are willing to make it in the best possible way!

• Come up with a practical plan

To make your move happen seamlessly, without any glitch, you need a comprehensive, practical relocation plan. And this moving strategy should be prepared much before the final moving day because it will help you to work upon it efficiently. So right from day 1, till the final day, you should have a blueprint that you are going to stick to – for everything – sorting, packing, booking movers, notifying service providers, mailing colleagues, and other members of the workplace, etc.

• Money matters, so decide finances

Once your moving plan is ready, and you have good clarity about what you are going to do next, you should design a moving budget, keeping in mind, all the possible expenses you are going to entail throughout the move. This mainly includes packing materials cost, equipment cost, moving insurance cost, handling charges, furniture moving cost, specialty items cost, labor cost, etc. Besides, several other impromptu expenses come up during the process, so make sure you plan.

• Never skip the moving insurance

Whether you are buying it from the professional movers or getting it renewed from the personal insurance agent, you should discuss the terms with the agent or the moving experts beforehand so that you know how much you are going to get as the reimbursement of your damaged product. Not all damage is compensated, there are certain exceptions too, and at times, you do not even get the desired replacement value for several reasons. Plus, every moving company has a different set of insurance coverage terms, so make sure you review everything carefully before buying an ideal plan.

• Stock sufficient packing supplies

This is one of the most important things to manage before the professional movers arrive. Although the moving personnel team brings with them the required packing materials so there is no need to fuss about it. But, it is always good to have these basic packing supplies in surplus because you can run out of them anytime during the process. So, it is better to buy the key packing materials – packing paper, bubble wraps, plastic wraps, and cardboard boxes before the packing task commences.

• Have moving cartons/boxes in surplus

You can never get enough cardboard boxes and moving cartons. These strong, insulated packages are available in distinct sizes and you can get them easily from your nearby local stores or stationery shops. If you stock them with you before the professionals arrive, you can easily pack a few goods on your own, and even box up things that are unmanageable or miscellaneous and could not be dealt with otherwise. If you order these boxes in bulk, you can even get them at a decent rate.

• Get all your paperwork ready

Not preparing your documentation on time could land you up in serious problems. So, make sure you have all the paperwork with you – from your house papers, driving license, identity proofs, insurance papers, birth and marriage certificates, employment papers, etc. Put all of these together to maintain a sturdy folder and keep it closed.

• Start by preparing essentials bag

Simultaneously, prepare a handy kit to drop in all the important stuff you will need throughout the transit journey. From your medicines, toiletries, some eatables, some extra food supplies like paper plates, plastic cups and glasses, tissue paper, trash bags, etc. You can also your wallet, keys, charger, data cable, cords, bottle, etc. in the same bag.

• Seek support from professionals

It is better to appoint moving professionals from a trusted moving company on time. Collect quotations, seek referrals and use online cost calculators to come across a realistic moving plan that ideally fits into your moving budget. Clarify everything related to the moving cost and additional fees with the experts beforehand so there is no discrepancy in the budget, later on.

• Manage valuable goods early on

There would be a lot of high-value articles in your moving load – from your crockery to the exquisite décor items, gift articles, sculptures, paintings, and what not! If you are packing them, then make sure to be careful and handle every piece with care and precision. Wrap the fragile items with neat packing paper; add a coat of bubble wrap or multiple coats if the item is extremely delicate and could break if not secured properly. Fill in the extra space within the moving carton with crumpled paper, bubble wraps, or foam peanuts.

• Check every moving box for the label

When everything is packed and all the moving cartons and cardboard boxes are ready, make sure to label them from the outside in clear fonts and write “fragile”, “sensitive”, or “handle with care”. Your cartons would be passed onto multiple hands and amid all the juggling; your specialty items could undergo damage. So, do not forget to add name labels or color-coded stickers outside the moving cartons and also write – the designated room, the priority number, handling instructions, etc.

These were some of the key things that you should pay attention to when you are planning relocation or are in the process. Hire the movers and packers in Kolkata on time, have clarity on what you are going to do next, and everything will be fun. Relocations only call for a little bit of guidance and quite a lot of planning to be successful!

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