12 Things You Must Do Soon After You Relocate!

Now that you have just stepped into your new home, after completing a long, tiring move from Madurai to Korba, you might be feeling overwhelmed with a series of emotions. Well, definitely, but do you know there is still a decent of tasks you will need to work upon, and that too, without the assistance from the packers and movers in Madurai? Yes, that’s quite a score of post-moving tasks that you must accomplish first, once you have been somewhat settled into your new home.

If seeing the unopened packages and unattended cartons all over the place are making you a little bit uncomfortable, and you want to get done with the re-arrangement of the same, along with addressing all the major to-do tasks, at the earliest, you have to follow a routine – a routine that tells you what all you should be doing, when you should be doing all that and how you are going to do that. So, read ahead and know those 12 things you must work out, soon after you move in!

• Carefully go through the delivered packages

Once the moving experts provide you with your packages, you should inspect them closely. Match them with the inventory you prepared to make sure none of the moving cartons is missing and nothing is damaged. Pay the movers, and close the deal provided there is no issue of claiming insurance.

• Look over to see if the place needs a clean-up

Well, you might have given a visit to your new home before you purchased it, and you know there is no such fault or critical area that needs to be worked upon and maintained, but we still advise you to check your entire house inside out, and clean before you start unpacking.

• Locate some of the crucial electricity points

You will also need to figure out where all the mains and fuses of your new home are. These areas usually remain beyond the reach and any power or circuit emergency at home requires one to reach out to that area hurriedly, so make sure you know the controls better.

• Unpack in order, with unboxing essentials first

Certain things remain the most important in the range of items we have – the basics – the toiletries and other essentials we would need on an immediate basis, once we have reached our home. So, unbox only those boxes first to arrange stuff and not every single carton.

• Reinstall major appliances and items in place

Similarly, you need to put up the essential appliances – the refrigerator, air conditioner, water dispenser, geyser, oven, etc. to be set up quickly so you can get into your cleaning, washing, and bathing tasks soon after you reach there. You can even ask the movers team to that before they leave.

• Inspect your home closely to spot critical areas

Although by now, you would already have checked for all the great areas along with all the primary areas of concern in your new home – the areas that need some renovation or simply a quick clean up or repair – maybe because they were not spotted the first time you moved in for a lookup – should be dealt with, at first.

• Take time to cautiously organize your new home

Now it is time for you to organize your new home. There would be innumerable packages to tackle, so make sure you open only those that belong to that area. Follow an order – decide the rooms you wish to set up first and open only those packages, and not all.

• Get your children enrolled in schools – colleges

The home arrangement task would continue, but if you have children, there is an important task you must consider doing at the earliest. Research and find ideal schools and colleges for your ward, so you can enrol them without any delay – this would settle them to the new place, sooner!

• Ensure your mailing station is actively in place

Soon after, you will also need to get to your office responsibilities. So, make sure you are receiving your mails, both on your email address once you have set up your workstation and also, otherwise – through the post office, once you have settled down in the new city.

• Keep your emergency list of contacts handy

Moving into a new place certainly gives you unfamiliar vibes for a while but to ensure you do not encounter some abrupt situation, you must have gathered local information and come up with an emergency contact list with important numbers, so you can dial them up in need.

• Continue working on organizing your space

Home organization is a major task that involves several small and big tasks and you do need ample time and patience to fulfill that. So, once you have taken care of the above-highlighted tasks, you must get back to your unpacking and organization activities at the earliest. In a way, you will enjoy doing this because it was one of your dreams to move into a new dream home at one point in life.

• Time to open up and network with new people

This is the final task in this list that you must do once you have moved into your new home, though not immediately but right after you have settled in there and feel quite at home. Research about the place, meet new people in your society, or the neighborhood you havemoved into. Meet neighbors, talk to them, inquire about the essential services and other basic amenities you might find there. On the professional front too, you can build connections to get yourself back on track, pretty soon.


Relocations are easier when you know what you need to do, and which are the things you must not do, once you have moved into your new home. If you have successfully relocated from Madurai to Korba, with the movers and packers in Madurai, do check out the above-discussed steps to make your post-move time memorable and fun!

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