Ways to Pack a Messy House for Relocating

If you are planning to move then you should hire Agarwal packers and movers to execute the move for you especially when your house is not at all organized. But if you want to do it on your own then here are some of the tips that are definitely going to help you out.

It is quite true that packing for a move is something that is energy-draining and time consuming and when the house is messed up and not organized then it becomes even more difficult for you to sort everything out and them pack them safely.

Packing a house that is messy can be really challenging because you will have to clear all the mess first so that you can start with the process of packing. You cannot pack things when see the clutter everywhere in the house, you won’t be able to decide where to start from. It is very important to organize things and then begin with the work if you want to experience a smooth move.

Here are some of the ways for packing a house that is not organized and has become messy:

  1. Start with the work as soon as you can

It is very important to know that when you are planning to pack a messy house for a move then it is going to take a lot of time than usual. The reason being that you will have to all the clutter first and then do the decluttering at least before a week so that you can see your house quiet organized to begin with the work of packing.

It is very important to start managing the clutter as soon as your move gets confirmed because time flies very quickly as soon as you get to know that you are going to move. Things take time, even when you will have to decide what you are going to do with the things that are of no use to you is going to take a lot of time for sure.

Keep in your mind that that packing a house that is messed up is like climbing a mountain so you cannot take any day off when your move gets confirmed. Clearing the mess and then starting with the work should be the very first thing that you have to do. If you will start with the work of packing without clearing the mess then you yourself will get frustrated.

  1. Create an inventory of your house

It is very important to create an inventory of the messy house from which you are going to move with all your useful belongings. It will keep reminding you about the things that you might forget or for which you are not able to take the decision for.

When you will go from one room to another and note the items that you are not going to take with you that are not worth to be packed and to be paid for the transportation. This will help you in decluttering your house in a better way.

  1. Don’t pack the items for the move like
  2. The items that have become worn out are not at all in the condition to be used like clothes, shoes etc.
  3. If there is anything in the house that is broken or cracked then you should not take it with you because you are not going to use and there is no point of spending money on packing and transportation of something it is of no use to you.
  4. Duplicate items – the items for which you have the duplicate for example if you have take two copies of the same book then you should not take both of them. Or if you have something that has been gifted to you twice then also you should not take it along.
  5. Sort things out properly

If you want to pack your messy house for moving then you will have to make 3 separate categories for the same: things that you are going to take along, things that you are going to sell and the ones that you are going to donate.

• Take along – take the ones along with you that are in a perfect condition and are the ones that you are going to use in your new house.

• Sell – the items that are in a good condition and can be sold at good prices should be kept in this category. You can also sell them online where people sell second hand items.

• Gift – if you have anything in good condition and any of your friends and family members would love to have them then you can definitely gift it to them. It would be a win-win situation as you will be able to get rid of the things that you don’t need and they will also be happy to receive as gift from you.

• Recycle – it is the best option to contribute something to the environment. You can send things to be recycled that are not at all in the condition to be used to give to someone.

• Donate – consider donating items to someone who is less fortunate than you that you cannot gift to any one and you don’t want to use them either.

  1. The packing strategy should be good

The most important thing that you have to do while packing a messy house is to declutter it properly and then come up with a smart strategy for packing your house quickly and efficiently.

• Create an inventory

• Sort things out in different categories

• Get rid of all the clutter before you begin with packing

Make sure you pack one room at a time so that you don’t get confused and you are able to pack it efficiently.

So if you are planning a move and your current house is quiet messy then it is advisable to hire Agarwal packers to execute the move for you.

Have a happy and safe move!

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