12 Packing Tips and Tricks to Relocate to Your New Home Smartly!

Thousands of relocations happen every day and everyone talks about only one thing – the stress and hassle that comes with the move. Consider yourself in the same situation – and think of yourself as someone who supposedly, is moving out of Kalighat, West Bengal – your hometown to settle down in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh for your business needs. Don’t ever think of moves as an easy-breezy affair because actually, it is not. So, find your ideal team of packers and movers in Kalighat on time, so that they can guide you in the process and make your move comfortable and happening!

Also, make sure you check out these tips!

• Pack the expensive, sensitive items first

Do not wait for the moving experts to come up first so you can commence packing. You can start packing little by little, so the house doesn’t look messy with stuff going all over! Begin by packing décor items, antiques, pictures, crockery, exquisite stuff, etc. These are overtly delicate and should be handled with care. So, it is better if you can pack them first.

• Create an overnight bag for the journey

Some people prefer curating their essentials bag right before the moving day. But, often in the moving day tension, one can miss out to pack the basic items in this bag. So, you can start by packing something or the other for your overnight bag every day – like the tissues and towels first, and by the last day before the move, the rest of the toiletries.

• Keep used items that can be reused distinctly

Selling out reusable items is a great way to manage both – the moving expenses and the moving load. You can organize a garage sale to get rid of those items that you don’t see yourself again in the near future. Always remember, packing and moving excessive stuff that will ultimately move to your trash pile makes no sense. So, know that.

• A box of cleaning supplies is to be prepared

You might be moving to your new home, but before you and your family settle in finally, you would want to run a deep clean-up. Dusting and vacuuming are essential as they will give your home a fresh feeling and a great look altogether! And for that, you should pack up a box of cleaning supplies that you will open first after your move.

• Sit with your moving team to discuss needs

Telephonic conversations with moving experts are not enough. You should call them to your place so they can survey your goods and even discuss all the key moving aspects – the moving cost, the labor cost, the packing supplies required, the moving equipment needed, etc. with you. You can discuss the best possible route for your move with them and anything else you want.

• Learn about the services offered and their cost

Alongside, you should ask them a few questions – the number of years they are in service, their corporate address, the range of services offered, and their charges. You can even discuss your doubts or concerns and also inquire about their insurance coverage policy. Make sure you sign up for the deal when you have reviewed the terms and conditions and are completely sure about the deal.

• Avoid moving extra stuff to your new home

Even after you sell out your items, you will have a significant amount of goods that are too old, unmanageable, damaged or so. Do not waste your time, energy, and money in moving all these miscellaneous items. You can never even imagine how and when your moving expenses would shoot up and you will be struggling with your finances if you are not ready. So, choose to de-clutter extensively.

• If you cannot manage, call the donation team

Do you have a donation pile ready to be given away? Well, it would be great if you or anyone from your family can deposit that load with the donation center. But if you are short on time, and have multiple other tasks around you, going out at this point could seem problematic. No issues, you can simply inform the donation authorities of your address and they will collect it from your place.

• Do not buy groceries right before the move

Your moving plan should have a clear chart of the days, weeks, and timeline that you will be working on specific tasks. Alongside, you should also have a plan for your food items and groceries. Just a week before your move, you should stop buying new items, especially eatables and groceries. Make sure no food or grocery gets wasted. You can always choose to donate.

• Click photos of your new home before settling

After you have successfully moved to your new home, do not hurriedly get into re-arranging stuff. You will get some time before the consignment reaches your new home. You can use this time to explore your new place and click great pictures. You can also have a provisional plan for goods set up in your space so that soon after the experts reach your place, you can guide them.

• Keep e-copies of move plan, checklist, inventory

Keeping the essential move-related documents is a must. Although you will have a dedicated document folder to keep all the crucial papers – moving insurance, agreement, license, employment papers, medical documents, office papers, etc., but you can keep the receipts, moving checklist, moving inventory, and budget saved on your drive or cloud because all these final documents often come in need.

• Give a deep clean of a new home before the move

The professional movers – the movers and packers in Kalighat you have booked would take care of all your move-related needs but do not let them unpack and organize every single item. You should first give your new home a good clean-up and then start with the arrangement task. Ask the professionals to only arrange the furniture and appliances, the rest of the items can be managed by you with time.

Agarwal Packers

Your move would happen seamlessly if you follow these amazing packing and moving tips. So, leave aside your worries and get ready for your next move with these wonderful ideas!

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