6 Amazing Ways to Pack & Store Your Sensitive Items during a Move!

If relocation is on your mind for quite some time now, but you could not figure out how to deal with your over-sensitive, delicate items from your household during the move, then this blog post is worth giving a good read. Here, we have shared some useful tips on how efficiently you can move your fragile items when you are moving from your old home to the new home. But, before that, you should book the professionals from Agarwal Packers – they would make your home shifting job a lot effortless and manageable.

Almost all the delicate possessions we own are pricey and require special care and protection during packing and moving. Not all of us know the right ways to deal with them because even a mere degree of negligence could cause breakage or mishaps. But, you need not worry. This article incorporates all the essential information and guidelines that you should bear in mind when you are getting your high-value, fragile articles ready for the forthcoming move. Let’s check out which are those:

• Have the required basics

This point is not only applicable when you are dealing with delicate articles, but also when you have even the simplest of household goods to pack. Whether you have booked the professional movers for your home shifting or not, you should be prepared with the packing equipment that you would need for the task. So, make sure you have in store with you a sufficient number of cardboard boxes and moving cartons in different sizes, bubble wraps, foam peanuts, corner protectors, and plastic stretch wraps, moving blankets, old newspaper, tissue paper, permanent markers, etc. When packing fragile items, one has to have an ample amount of furniture covers, fragile items boxes, heavy-duty tape, towels, and soft clothes to add padding as and where needed.

• Follow the right process

You might not be aware, but dealing with fragile items (glassware, ceramic, and china) and other electronics (also fragile) require a specific handling procedure so there is no breakage. Also, there are certain things that one has to pay attention to, especially when they are doing it on their own – for instance, which areas are more vulnerable to scratch and damage, which articles require extra cushioning to be well protected. If you do not know the right process to wrap all your overprized fragile items (the stemware, the crystal, and ceramic articles, the décor art pieces) that you have, and other sentimental items that are susceptible to breakage), you should refer to the internet for tutorials and help.

• Appoint the professionals

You might feel that all of this is quite a task, especially when you are inexperienced. But, there is always a scope of having professional assistance from Agarwal Packers and Movers. They could be searched with good research and comparison. Make sure you discuss everything with them before signing up for a deal. Read the terms and conditions and payment terms in detail, apart from the moving cost, so you can plan your budget accordingly. The reason why appointing experts for the packing task is a must is because they know exactly what the right techniques and protective measures are, and how much insulation and gear are required to ensure there is the least amount of damage, throughout the transit.

• Ensure to add insulation

This point would be workable only when you have all the required packing essentials with you – everything that could add possible cushioning to those extra delicate, smooth finish articles that could not even tackle even the smallest of scratch or damage. What you can do is, wrap each of the fragile items using packing paper, and topping it with a layer of bubble wrap. Do not forget to fill in the spaces and vacuum the items using crumpled paper, tissue papers so there is minimum jerk or jolt caused to them during the move. Also, make sure the moving boxes or cartons you are transporting your fragile items in, are well insulated and layered amply with thermocol, like the ones that are readily available to us in the form of corrugated boxes. Make sure you have them with you for this purpose. These boxes absorb any degree of shock and disturbance and prevent crushing, deforming, and any possible chances of damage to your items.

• Make inventory and label

Well, labelling is something that should be considered as a serious packing custom because it not only simplifies the entire relocation task but is also an essential factor in keeping a track of your inventory (list of all your delicate items that you are planning to move). You can further sort that task and form categories. Segregate your range of fragile items into piles (sentimental goods, china and glassware, and electronics). Next up, you should jot down the names of the articles that would move into each pile. This task could be conducted either ahead of the packing process or even when the packing task is over. Inventorying is great to keep a record of your valuables and possessions, so you can spot when something goes missing from there.

• Inspect packages and unpack

Whether your packing tasks are being taken care of by professionals or you are doing it, make sure all the final packages have been thoroughly checked before they are being loaded into the moving truck and also, when they have been delivered at the doorstep of your new home. Look at the packages closely and match them with the inventory that you have, so that you can figure out if there is any missing carton or spot any damage if there is any. Sign up the deal papers one last time, and complete the payments to be made to the professionals.


Fragile items and other sensitive items in our household require the most attention and care when they are being prepared for the move. You often do not realize the complexity of dealing with such items unless we get into the process of packing them. Handling these delicate items of high value is quite a bit challenging, so we advise you to book the experts from Agarwal Movers and Packers on time, so you can have a fun and easy moving time.

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