A Handy Guidebook of 6 Ideas to Settle Down After an Apartment Relocation!

We usually keep discussing relocations – how to plan for a move, best ways to downsize and move, how to declutter before a move, etc., etc. On similar lines, there is another quite widely held relocation – which is apartment relocation guides. You might be wondering what’s the difference between a regular house move and an apartment move, then let us help you out with everything about an apartment move so you can prepare for the same efficiently! Are you planning for an apartment move? Shifting from your current place of stay in Kolkata and settling down in an apartment in Mumbai? Well, then you have to make sure that you do all the major responsibilities or the tasks lying ahead of you, and also take a moment to book a fantastic team of professional movers – packers and movers in Kolkata, for the apartment moving project.

In this blog post, we shall be talking about all the things you should be doing to ensure your apartment move remains a memorable and comforting journey, altogether!

• Prepare a list of essentials you need to have

Well, before proceeding, let’s make one thing pretty clear. You do not need to move every single item if you are a single person and are sharing an apartment with a colleague or a friend. Even if you are moving with your family, we would advise you the same because apartments do not offer you the same amount of space and they are structured in a way that you have to take into consideration of the measurements and extents of your furniture and other oversized items. So, you should move only the essentials – things you cannot do without. Go to every room – and prepare an inventory of your stuff you are planning to move.

• Find and appoint a professional moving team

You could either be a bachelor moving to an apartment, or a family settling down to your newly bought house, but there would be things that would be unmanageable to pack and move alone, no matter how few they are. You need to look out for a trusted, reliable, registered, and authorized moving company in your area, that can fit into your budget and provide you with a hassle-free moving experience. So, compare thoroughly, choose wisely, read out the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement before you accept a moving plan. If you have fewer items, you can expect your relocation to happen at a pretty decent rate.

• Figure out the things to move and purchase

This is one of the foremost things to take care of. Though you would have already prepared your list of essentials before the move, you should be clear about the basic elements that you have cover in your list for each of your rooms. Start with your kitchen or then move to the bathroom essentials. Sort out the stuff you are going to move for the bedding, the basic appliances and electronics you would need in your new apartment, the clothing items you have decided to move for both the office outfits and regular wear, stationery items, cleaning and safety items, some packaged food items that could be easily prepared for the move, etc. Try not to overload, you are moving alone, and paying high moving costs would not be a wiser decision on your part.

• Do not rush, you have time to make changes

When you are moving to an apartment, the one thing that you have to do by heart is decluttering. Because apartments are low on space and storage and if you have been living in a bigger house previously, then settling into an apartment, that too a smaller one would call for downsizing. So, regardless of whether you love it or not, you have to let go of things and move only those articles that would help you survive comfortably in your new apartment. The deficit or new requirements would be taken care of, as soon as they crop up because you can always buy them later on.

• Remember to incorporate sundry items as well

Now the final thing you should be thinking of moving to your apartment are the list of miscellaneous stuff that you have prepared. Although we keep this random stuff for the last they are really important things in our household and we cannot survive without them. These include the tools and objects that facilitate our tasks and therefore, are a must-have. Whether it is your spare mobile phone, few batteries, the toolkit your reach out to whenever there is some hardware issue, the appliance manuals, disinfectant sprays, house cleaners, power banks, adapters, chargers, cables and cords, repair kit, sewing kit, keychains, spare headphones, souvenirs, booklets, coin kit, scissors, etc.- you must have them with you.

• Arrange one room or a couple of rooms first

Now when you have everything with you, and you have successfully moved into the new space, your new apartment, you can choose which rooms you want to arrange first. You can start with the rooms or spaces you wish to make turn functional before any other corner – that could be your study or your workstation, your bedroom, or the kitchen. Although, since you have the professionals – movers and packers in Kolkata, assisting you in this job, there is no need to fuss over things and worry unnecessarily because they will make sure everything is settled to your new home and would even unpack and re-arrange the packages for you. If you have a plan for the same, you can help them with the home organization.


You could be someone who recently accomplished a house move, or maybe someone who wishes to move in the next couple of months, but if you are not ready and do not know the right relocation tips, tricks and ideas for the same, you can have a pretty tough moving experience. So, we advise you to refer to this, above mentioned relocation guide if you are thinking of making an apartment move and need some help!

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