9 questions to ask for hiring a Car Transportation Company

Hiring a car transporter can seriously make an interstate move a lot safer and convenient. Obviously, the car moving companies like Agarwal packers have well-trained people and equipment, and they know how to handle the cars and transport it with the utmost care from one state to another one.

And this is why; there is a huge demand for car transportation companies in India as compared to other countries. Today, every other person is relocating to some other city and state with their cars and household goods.

The number of auto transport companies have considerably increased a lot in number than what it was before. On the other hand, there are many options to ship a car along with a lot of companies to choose from. But on the other hand, the diverse number of companies may also become a problem for you as you may get confused with so many options available.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you are going with the right car transportation company, it is advisable that you ask essential questions to the potential movers before actually hiring them.

  1. Are you licensed and registered?

This is one of the most essential questions to ask your car transportation company before actually hiring them for moving your car. Well, you should be sure that the company is truthful before handing over your precious car to them. Please make sure that you ask the car transport company whether it has all the relevant documents available with them or not. Also, check if they are appropriately has registered.

  1. What are the exact services that you offer?

After you know that the moving service provider is registered, you should enquire what services they exactly offer. There is no harm in learning the services offered whether you want to avail them or not, you must know as it will help you to figure out the working standards and reputation of a company.

  1. Are there any restrictions on the variety of vehicles that you ship?

The anther question to ask is whether the company had any restrictions regarding the vehicles that they ship. If you are willing to ship a car, SUV, van, or any other lightweight vehicle, then you will not have many problems finding a car transportation company.

But if by chance, you are planning to transport your car which is extremely precious (example, antique or precious one), or if your car is heavy or recovered from an accident, then special equipment may be required for the shipment.

Not all of the moving companies have loading tools, so if your vehicle has anything unusual or not working, it is better to inform it in the beginning whether the car transport company you are taking into account can safely move your vehicle or not.

  1. Do you provide free price quotations?

Usually, a moving company offers free moving estimation quotes to their customer after inspecting the item to be moved for free. Therefore, you should clearly ask the moving company with whom you are planning to move which is completely okay. So, if any company asks you for a deposit to inspect, you should simply back off and look for some other option.

Now there are many companies who have got online calculators from where you will get a free estimate but for more accurate results, it is best to simply consult with the manager of the company.

  1. Does the price have everything included in it?

It is very important to know the price the movers and packers are offering is the actual amount that you will have to pay or not. Ensure that there are no hidden costs involved.

You can ask for the details of what the quoted price exactly covers. Let them know that you will like to have detailed information about the additional charges, fees, etc. you will have to pay that is not shown or included in the quotation.

  1. How the prices are computed?

You should ask the company about how they compute the car shipping prices. Usually, it depends upon certain factors such as the size, modal of the car, the distance between the destination and the origin, whether your car is in good condition or not, any special services you have asked for the taxes applicable.

In short, if you ship your car in a closed container, it will need more in comparison to moving your vehicle in an open carrier. If you are relocating between states, the cost will be more than relocating it between the boundaries of that particular state.

So, while talking to a company, ask for the details that they consider while computing the cost for a particular move.

  1. What are the available modes of payments?

It is important to ask them what payment options they accept and what are available with them. Many companies ask their customers to pay the whole amount in advance, when you schedule the date of shipment or when they pick up your car from your place. The most reputable companies do not have such policies available. They usually take the money after delivering the car or they ask for the payment to be made in parts as acceptable by the customers.

  1. Is the company fully insured?

A good moving company is trustworthy and fully insured. The best amongst them will even have the insurance coverage available for the emergency situations that may occur during a move. So, when you talk about it, be specific and ask what will be the remedy available to them, if some accident or unforeseen condition develops in the middle of the way.

  1. Why should I hire you?

This question will help you a lot in knowing the company that you are planning to relocate with. This will give you an idea of the type of services that they offer, the culture that is followed by them, and all other details that you should know about a company. Therefore, do not hesitate in asking this question them.

Asking these 9 simple questions from the Agarwal packers and movers before actually hiring them will make your move smooth and hassle-free.

Happy Moving!

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