Essential points to relocate your household

Are you planning to relocate? Confused about the method of shipment? Looking for entrusted company for your move? Don’t worry! Every activity requires a proper planning to make it successful in one go. Therefore, shifting also requires an organized plan to execute it. Outflow and inflow of the goods has become a very common practice these days. Every other person is moving to some other place due to various reasons, the most common ones are- Job opportunities, purchasing of a new property, personal reasons etc. The only solution to simplify all your moving hassles- Hire packers and movers. They are the experts offering moving solutions to its customers globally. They have efficient and skilled manpower to perform every task. Besides this, there are few steps that are required to be followed by a customer to execute the move-


1. Search for the companies online- Make a list of few relocating companies by surfing online.

2. Read the reviews- Go through the online posted reviews of all the vendors, later categorize them on that basis.

3. Shortlist one among them- Choose the most preferred one out of all the companies and enquire for more clarity, enquire from the people who already had past moving experiences with them.

4. Contact the selected company- Once you are satisfied with all the details acquired, contact them and ask about all the services they are providing.

5. Ask for the necessary details- Enquire about all the necessary details such as- Do they provide transit insurance, what packing material and techniques they are using, what are their norms, how they will deliver the goods, do they move vehicle also and all the other queries that are needed to be asked.

6. Fix a date for the movement- After opting for a single company, decide a date for your move and inform about the same to them. Do this at least a week before, so that they can make necessary arrangements accordingly.

7. Complete few tasks from your end- Finish some of the formalities before the packing team arrives. These small tasks involves- change the address in the important documents, Clear all the outstanding bills, discontinue the services like- electricity, water, DTH, internet etc. , inform your relatives and friends about the change, close the bank accounts that are not longer required.

8. Prepare a back pack- Pack the precious things like documents and jewelry in a separate bag, as they will not be packed by the hired professionals. Carry the back along with you in the entire journey to keep it safe and secured.

Aggarwal Packers n Movers Ltd

9. Separate the prohibited items- here are few items that are not allowed to be shipped for example- kerosene oil, foodstuffs perishable or non perishable, hazardous chemicals, filled cylinders etc. The list of prohibited goods will be given to you by the opted experts.

Refer to the above steps and make your move smooth and easy. Have a happy move.

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